Bravo Mount


The Bravo Mount was designed to work with the Aimpoint T1/H1. It features a built in non-adjustable rear sight notch that will provide a 1/3 lower co-witness. The rear sight is machined to “P” or 300m on most AK variants.

The Bravo Mount will work with:


Aimpoint: T1, H1, T2, H2
Holosun: 403G, 403C, 503C, 503GU
Primary Arms: MD-06, ADS, RGBII, MD-20, SLX push button, SLX, Rotary Knob, MD RGBII
Sig Sauer: Romeo 05
Vortex: Crossfire 2


* If using the Bravo Mount with the Primary Arms RGB II shorter screws will be necessary! *